Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing

How Thinking Parents Are Recovering Their Children and Uncovering the Truth

Stories of hope, healing and recovery from the next generation of Thinking Moms.

Available Summer 2014, Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing is an act of love and community.  Proceeds from the sale of this e-book will go to fund the grant program. For more about the book, CLICK HERE.


About The Authors



Barracuda - Mom to an amazing 7-year-old girl who has taught me the true meaning of love through the journey of recovery.  Wife to a hands-on husband that shares my passion for recovering our daughter.  I’m a stay-at-home mom that loves cooking, fundraising, and Will Farrell.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.


PrintBeaker - started her professional career in the lab as a bewildered chemist who often felt she was a round peg in a square hole. After her daughter’s multitude of medical issues, she found out the EXACT reason she had that graduate chemistry degree and put it to good use as she set out to restore her child’s health.  Along the way she found her true calling: sharing her family’s experience with other parents (especially mothers) and helping them improve the quality of life for their children, by staying true to their guiding light . . . their God-given mother’s instinct.


BlingBling - I am a true girlie-girl that was raised in a house of boys. I am the mother of three incredible children and wife of the most amazing man on earth.  My middle son is recovered from autism and is, by far, my family’s greatest example of perseverance, courage, and faith.  As they say, it takes a village…and I am here to join yours!


CHIEFChief -  Southern born-and-bred, Registered Nurse, mom to Madison, who is recovered from autism.  I have settled nicely into my crunchy-mom role, after years of working to heal my daughter.  If you need me, check the grocery store or my kitchen, where I whip up gourmet SCD cuisine.  Just kidding, it’s chicken and carrots.



COPILOTCo-Pilot –  I’m a military spouse and mom to two beautiful children. My daughter, five years old, has autism and bowel disease. My two-year-old son is neuro-typical. My husband is a pilot in the Air Force. He serves our country and I serve our family. Though he travels a lot, he is very involved in our daughter’s recovery and we make all decisions together. As the military life goes, we find ourselves on the move a lot and our lives can feel pretty hectic sometimes. But we always try to make time for the things we enjoy doing together as a family.


COUGARCougar – I’m mom to four children, two boys and two girls, the oldest of which is recovered from autism.  A loyal friend, a loving mom and wife, and a lot of fun, I’m also fierce in my pursuit to right the injustice that’s occurred to a generation of our precious children.  I will not stand idly by while our kids are being poisoned.   This will end.  I am the Revolution! You are the Revolution!


CREOLEQUEENCreole Queen - RAWR!  I’M A TIGER!  I’m a southern woman from Louisiana. God, family, good music, good food, big dreams, and red lipstick is everything to me.  My six-year-old son has autism. My four-year-old son has autism and digestive disorder.  My two-year-old son is experiencing delays in his development. Through it all, my faith remains strong. My six and four year olds have made awesome progress and continue to shine, and my sleeves are rolled up working with my two year old.  Prayer is my steering wheel!  REMAIN STRONG AND KEEP HOPE!!


CRUSHCRUSH – I am a Mom to two amazing little girls.  Cali is my recovered eleven-year-old daughter who is going to change this world, and Melia is my eight-year-old daughter who is her sister’s best friend and strongest advocate.  In my home life I am a silly, laid back mom who has the good fortune of being married to my best friend.  I celebrate life, and love nothing more than family, laughter, and time at the beach.  In my “autism” life, I am a feisty, sarcastic, common sense thinker who is on a mission to CRUSH the limitations placed on our children, CRUSH the lies of these epidemics and CRUSH the people standing in the way of truth, hope and healing.


FrankieFrankie - I’m Mom to three amazing children who, along with my husband, are my heart and soul.  At the age of three, my son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, and we were told his future would consist of group homes or state run facilities. With biomedical treatment (and a lot of sweat, tears, humor and love) he’s now recovered.  I tossed the rose-colored glasses, rolled up my sleeves and made his recovery my mission.  I hope his story can inspire others to do the same.


GREEN BEANGreen Bean Girl -  I am a Midwestern mom trying to adapt once again to Southern-living.  My oldest son is 16 and has been on the autism spectrum since age two.  My 14-year-old was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, and Aspergers two years ago.  I worked as a special education assistant, but decided to teach my boys at home this year and we are loving every minute of it!  We have a beagle, Maddy, and two cats named Aqua and Patches.


GUARDIANGuardian – I am a wife and a mom to ten-year-old twin boys.  I have lived in the suburbs of Chicago all my life.  I am a Developmental Therapist and autism education advocate.  My mission is to teach others about the strategies that work best in our educational settings so our kids can be successful learners.  I love spending time with my family and friends and need more time to do it!!


GURUGIRLGuru Girl – A SoCal mom to two wonderful kiddos.  Wife to a very sexy Software Engineer husband.  I’m a graphic designer-turned-biomed advocate, Grant Mentor to Generation Rescue’s Grant program and Creator of Biomed Heals, a website that chronicles my son’s complete recovery from autism.   I’m a problem solver at heart, and will never back down if I think something can be fixed.  On my downtime I like to watch 80’s and 90’s tv sitcoms.  Roseanne and Seinfeld are my favs!   I’m a tee shirt and jeans kinda girl.  When I’m not at home, you can usually find me out shopping at Target, at my son’s BMX race track, or at my daughter’s dance studio.


HOPPYHoppy - I’m a mom of two handsome little boys who light up my life (almost) every day!  Proud owners of a brewery and farm-to-table restaurant, we believe that nature knows best when it comes to our bodies and our foods.  I focus on having fun with my boys and my work and everything else falls into place!


Juicy FruitJuicy Fruit – I am the mom to a beautiful 9 year old boy who regressed into autism at age 3. We have spent the last 6 years getting him back and he’s very close to recovered now. I work in Corporate America by day and fight as a Mother Warrior by night. We have a punk poodle named Shanti who is our unofficial service dog and we live in Colorado Springs


KARMAKarma - is “just a mom” to four kids that spend way too much time navigating their dirty mini-van through the urban sprawl that is metro Atlanta. She proudly supports Generation Rescue in the role of parent mentor for their Family Grant program. When asked, “How do you do it?” the answer is simple:  coffee, Belgian ale, and an odd sense of humor.


LIONESSLioness - I am a forty-something mom to two girls: a nine-year-old with Down Syndrome and Autism and a fun-loving and spunky typical five year old.   Before having children, I dabbled in bellydance, Native beadwork, and Tsalagi (Cherokee) language lessons.  I even considered going back to school to become a zookeeper.  After the Autism diagnosis, I became a Lioness, protecting and providing every resource I could to ensure recovery for my daughter.  I also spent a lot of time wanting to “attack” the predators of Big Ag, Pharma and Government for damaging our kids.  But this last year brought some physical and mental changes that brought me ‘round to myself and a lot of introspection.  I renewed my love of Jesus and am providing for my own wants and needs.  As a result, it has been slowly transforming my whole family for the better.


LONESTARLone Star – I’m a proud Texan and a married mother of three. My middle child, now three-years-old, was diagnosed with autism at twenty-seven months, more than a year after her initial regression. I have no shame in admitting that her recovery, in one way or another, has consumed my life.  I have discovered a level of strength and determination I never knew existed within me, and this journey has taught me so many things about her as well.  Through this journey, I’ve met so many committed parents who also believe that autism is preventable and treatable, and I’ve made it my personal mission to support families and educate as many people as I can about the facts.


MonarchMonarch – I majored in philosophy in college and still believe in questioning and examining all issues, arguments and dogma. At heart, I am a humanitarian, a little quirky and a dreamer. I am soft spoken with a permanent smile, but I am fighter and fearless when it comes to caring for and healing my children.  I am the mother to a set of beautiful and sensitive twin boys diagnosed with autism.  The twins have a toddler age sister who demonstrates symptoms of toxic injuries. She has been treated with natural supplements and diet since birth and is showing incredible healing.  I feel my true purpose in life is to unite with other Thinkers and spread the TRUTH and a message of hope. I believe our children’s stories have the power to change the world!


MUSCLEMAMAMuscle Mama - Mother of two beautiful children, the oldest is diagnosed with Autism and Hyperlexia.  I love working-out to stay focused and to never forget who I really am, and I love to educate people about autism and help families whenever I can.  Favorite thing:  Hugs from my kids because they are growing up so fast!  Best trait:  I don’t give up…EVER.  No matter how long it takes or how hard it gets, Autism is going down and I have the muscles to prove it.


OracleOracle - has a B.A. in Speech Communications and is the author of three books.  Her first book was an autobiography about her experience of being a young widow, which led to her investigation of mediumship as a therapeutic avenue for grief.  She remarried and had two sons, the older one diagnosed at age 3 with regressive autism.  Her love and devotion to her son led her back to mediumship for answers from her loved ones in spirit and others on how to heal her son.   Working with a psychic medium and his wife, a spirit artist, they extended an open invitation to the spirit world to help solve the autism puzzle. Her third book, “The Other Side of Autism: Famous Spirits Unveil Regressive Autism’s Causes and Remedies” is the culmination of their sessions. She is also a Non-GMO advocate and is featured in the documentary “Genetic Roulette” in the autism segment.  Her website is The Other Side of Autism


phoenixPhoenix - Born again from the ashes of my life before Autism.   Mom to Ava who is nine and twins, Andrew and Ben, who are 3.  Andrew was diagnosed with ASD at 21 months.  The best part of this journey has been learning to enjoy it.  At the same time, it is hard for me to pretend much else matters besides our Canaries.


QUEENBQueen B - I am a tried-and-true Midwestern girl and the mother of three beautiful and precocious children who are my everything.  My ten-year-old daughter is diagnosed with autism but we now know the many underlying issues she has that make up that diagnosis.  I am constantly researching to find the best interventions and figure out a way to afford them all.  Our daughter didn’t make significant progress until she was seven years old, so I know there is hope! I try to make it all work while juggling a full time job, being a mommy, and a wife.  I have an amazing husband that supports my obsessive search for answers and an amazing support group of close friends (my Warrior Mom Tribe) that are there for me no matter what.  Oh, and I like my occasional cocktail and ice cold beer to take the edge off once in a while.


RebelRebel - is a Mom of three girls.  She became an avid researcher in 2008 by necessity when she began the autism journey that led her to awareness of the sick-care system that is so prevalent today.  What keeps her focused is the knowledge that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  She is most proud of her success using her compiled research to win her second appeal with her insurance provider proving what really happened to her youngest daughter.   Rebel looks forward to a future with natural healers of the mind and body, and many future travels discovering new places with her husband of 27 years.  Her current struggles include dressing for success, a clean house, and finding time to cook.


ROCKYRocky - I grew up in large Italian family and still enjoy homemade gnocchis (organic & gluten free), wine and good conversation.  Today, my passion is healing my four-year-old son.  I believe anything is possible and I am known to jump in the ring and when the cause is important to me.  It should be no surprise that my favorite Rocky quote is “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.”  Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been at it awhile, always hope for more.  Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.  I have presented at Autism One with leading physicians and parents and my family will be featured in the upcoming trailer for the Canary Kids Film Project.


ROGUEZEBRARogue Zebra - virtually lives in her own little world, far from the African savannah. Stroke, seizures, Asperger’s and the decision to go GFCF “cold turkey” started our rogue adventure eight years ago. Next came virtual school, real learning from the comfort and warmth of home, with the flexibility of homeschooling and structure of brick and mortar. When not explaining the difference of momentum and inertia, RZ interacts in Undiagnosed, Mitochondrial and occasionally ASD communities. “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.” is an outdated paradigm that needs to change. RZ is partial to “When you hear hoofbeats, THINK.”


ShamrockShamrock - I am a mother to three beautiful children, one of whom is recovering from ASD. I am a Thinker who won’t stop until my son and family are healed, who won’t stop until all our ‘canaries in the coal mine’ have returned to health. Our kids need help in their recovery. We can’t do it alone. Peace xoxo.


shawtyShawty - I am a proud mother of three children:  Two born to me and one I was lucky enough to get as a bonus gift through marriage.  My son is recovered from autism thanks to some serious team work and the tireless help and support of my husband.  As a result of my journey, I also work full time in the autism world helping others in a way I never dreamed possible.  I also mentor and blog in my “spare” time.  I am obsessed with allergen-friendly cooking, meditation, natural healing methods, crafting, gardening, sustainability, growing as much food as we can and  just trying to keep up with our children, goats, chickens, cats, and dog.  I’m Wonder Woman with a generous helping of attitude and a dash of ghetto-fabulous!


SPARKSpark - Mama to four beautiful children, one who was diagnosed with autism and one with tourettes.  Grateful to all those moms who have shown me the way and provided me with hope and encouragement on this journey.  I believe it is time to pay it forward and provide others with the same.  Thankful for my husband who works tirelessly so that we can afford the recovery of our girls.  Addicted to Pinterest, Paper crafts and Stamping.


SPARTANSpartan - hails from NY where she once worked in mainstream healthcare.  Since marrying her Marine husband in 2006, she has been everywhere from North Carolina to Okinawa, Japan where she received her son’s autism diagnosis at age 18 months.  Since recovering her son Connor, now age five, her main focus is advocating for choices and different options in treating autism, along with keeping autism at bay in her youngest son Cash.  Marine wives are often referred to as “Spartan Wives.”  Historically, Spartans are brave, undaunted warriors in battle –  and battle this Spartan will until every parent she meets knows that they indeed have options and can treat the medical component of today’s autism.


SUNFLOWERSunflower- I’m a Mom of two wonderful boys. Our youngest is my focus and mission to heal and recover him from iatrogenic autism.  Each day holds amazing surprises from our sweet, smart and funny little boy. In my former life, baton twirling was my passion. Now you can find me enjoying yoga, walks with our dog, outdoor activities with the family which include trips to Lego Land Florida, shopping at our local health food store, juicing and watching HGTV.  I enjoy helping families newly diagnosed with autism to offer them HOPE.  I am grateful for a supportive husband, family and for all of their help. My faith as a Christian keeps me going as well as wonderful friends cheering us on.


ZORROZorro - is a California mom with a point to make about autism (and ADHD and sensory integration dysfunction):  It has biological underpinnings and it’s treatable!  Kids can improve and some can recover when their medical issues and nutritional deficiencies are corrected.  Mom to three boys with issues including anxiety, autism (her son has recovered!), ADHD, epilepsy, dyslexia, and mild attachment disorder, Zorro spends her days looking for solutions, geeking out over neurobiology, juggling schedules, trying to feed picky kids with a billion food allergies, and keeping up with celebrity gossip. She blogs at Recovery Road.


Available Summer 2014, Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing is an act of love and community.  Proceeds from the sale of this e-book will go to fund the grant program. For more about the book, CLICK HERE.


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